Friends of TriOptimal

 " The TriOptimal Learning Model™ is probably the only model that I have ever experienced success in terms of children’s growth and development. The strength of the TriOptimal Model is that it really looks at the circumstance of each child and invites change within the environment that the child is in."


Judy Gray

Principal Educator

 " The most important thing I have learned in consultation with Heather is related to planning classroom interventions for children who have challenging behaviour. Considering the motivation behind the behaviour is an important first step in designing a successful intervention. Flexibility and creativity are key."



Amy Donovan

Principal Educator

 "  Heather’s doctoral work has been a tremendous benefit to our community. Her work has changed how we think about Learning Disabilities and has expanded our empathy and effectiveness with children who have them. That changed thinking is a powerful agent for social change in our community. "



Denise Bugden

Principal Educator


 "The Triopotimal Model provided  language and the integration in my work as a clinician and educator among street children and orphans in the Philippians. I have seen the efficacy of the model, it is dynamic, it is empirically validated, it is comprehensive. It is the future of education that heals."


Dr. Ruel Billones

Psychologist Consultant,

Philippine Mental Heath association.